Our Members

 BHP 152

SACOME membership entails industry members and many industry partners.

Our industry partner members either have clients in the resources industry, strong links within the sector, or wish to become better connected with the industry.

Membership is open to all businesses with an interest in the South Australian mining and energy sector

Industry members

Industry Members are those who work within the resources industry, including mining, energy and exploration businesses


Industry Partners Members

Industry Partner Members support Industry Members with goods or services

Promote your affiliation with our resources industry!

SACOME members are entitled to promote their affiliation with the resources sector through displaying the membership logo on your print and digital materials. Through the display of this logo, you;

  • Show your support for the South Australian mining and petroleum industry
  • Illustrate your partnership with this industry 
  • Market your experience and capabilities to partner with SA’s resources industry (please note the use of our logo cannot be an endorsement by SACOME of your organisation’s experience, qualifications or knowledge.)

For the logo and guidance on there use, contact Stephen Batten, Communications Officer on 08 8202 9999 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.