Nuclear fuel cycle

Nuclear fuel cycle - an untapped SA resource

In May 2016 the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission handed down its findings, these are summarised below. The Commission found strong potential for South Australia to engage further in the nuclear fuel cycle, noting that community awareness and acceptance would be crucial to expanding this engagement.

The Minerals Council of Australia has released a range of materials useful in helping the community understand uranium, modern nuclear technology and potential benefits for Australia, available on their website.

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The nuclear fuel cycle - SACOME's role

SACOME has long lobbied for a scientific investigation into South Australia taking a larger role in the nuclear fuel cycle, including storage of spent fuel, enrichment, or nuclear power as an alternative, low emmission source of electricity, particularly the opportunity for smaller scale modular reactors including on remote mine sites.

In 2014 we released an announcement on our uranium and nuclear attitudes survey, revealing that South Australians are far more supportive of nuclear power and knowledgable on the safety of new reactors than assumed by the government, media and community peers. This landmark research heralded renewed discussions and lobbying and roused the interest of media and other industry bodies. This was instrumental in shaping government interest and ultimately, commitment to a Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission. 

We are now collaborating with members and other stakeholders to prepare our submission to the Royal Commission's tentative findings, which will focus on our support for a spent fuel storage facility, further investigation into the viability and uses for modern small reactors, and recommendations yet to be finalised. 

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Findings report - May 2016

SACOME media release on the final report and facts on community support for the industry

SACOME's Consolidated Submission to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission 2015

Resourcing SA articles on the banning of nuclear power and new opportunities, February 2016

SACOME's February 2016 media release on the Royal Commission tentative findings

The Mineral's Council of Australia Uranium: Natural Energy 

SACOME hosted seminar on 17 March 2015 with three international nuclear experts: Eminent experts to broaden public discussion on nuclear in SA

SACOME's March 2014 media release: Call for mature debate on nuclear power with positive survey results

SACOME's 2013 Uranium and Nuclear attitudes survey